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How healthy are the trees near your home or business? Will that pesky Central Florida oak or pine tree still be standing after the next storm? If you are just waiting to remove the tree until your next day off, you may want to rethink that plan. By electing to remove trees yourself, you could be putting your life at risk. Please allow Orlando Tree Pro to get the job done for you without the hassle and without breaking your bank, or your neck! Orlando Tree Pro uses the most advanced technology and technique to remove dead, diseased, or unhealthy trees from your yard, landscape, and surrounding areas. Our tree removal service in Orlando and surrounding communities is quick and efficient, which means that you won’t be inconvenienced by our tree service at your home or business.

Emergency Tree Removal

Here in Central Florida, we are not unaware of how sudden and extreme weather can regularly collapse trees in violent tropical storms. When you experience a tree collapse on your property, you can rely on our expert tree service team to help you. We’ll cut down the trees affected by sudden storms, or if tree removal is not needed, trim back branches to ensure the tree is stable. Any remaining tree stump can be completely ground into a nutrient-rich mulch to use on your property. After removing the unruly tree, we’ll haul away the debris from your property according to regulations. We’ll also help you with any paperwork that your insurance company may need! Orlando Tree Pro has your back from start to finish. In addition to tree removal, the experts at Orlando Tree Pro also specialize in other tree services, including tree trimming and tree pruning. With so many tree services under one roof, it’s no wonder our company is quickly becoming the Central Florida favorite for tree service. Experience it for yourself! Contact our team of expert arborists today for all your tree trimming, pruning, and tree removal needs.

Proudly Serving Your Community

Your safety is our priority, so let us do the tree removal work for you. We are happy to help! If you are a member of the following residential or commercial communities, allow Orlando Tree Pro to be your choice for professional care for your healthy trees.

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