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If you are looking for a dependable, skilled, fully licensed and insured tree service in the Greater Orlando area, then look no further! Our team of professionals responds quickly with reasonable rates. We are locally owned and operated and offer tree care and tree removal services for residential and commercial communities, and surrounding areas. We aim to serve our clients and do what we can to leave you completely satisfied when we have finished the job. Whether you are enjoying the vast shade while strolling under the majestic wild oak trees of Lake Eola, or savoring the sweet perfume of the magnolias at any one of a dozen theme parks, Orlando is certainly a picturesque community. You can take in the breath-taking view of every pine tree top as well as the skyline from the peak of the Orlando Eye, or catch a play or concert at the amphitheater. Show up and support an exhilarating Knights, Magic, Solar Bears, or Orlando City game. You can choose to bike the trails that span the surrounding communities, or perhaps refreshing yourself on a hot Florida afternoon by taking a swim in one of our natural springs is more your speed. However you choose to enjoy this beautiful city, we, here at Orlando Tree Pro, are honored to be your neighbor!

Tree Trimming Orlando

Trees are living organisms that continue to grow and change throughout their lifetimes. If you are eager to have and keep a well-manicured yard, then you will need to maintain your trees. Some of the benefits of trimming your trees are:
  • Regular pruning and tree trimming are needed to keep your trees healthy and looking their best. As trees grow, removing dead or diseased branches promotes new, healthy growth.
  • Trimming branches back on a tree with a thick canopy can allow lower branches to receive more sunlight and help the tree to grow a fuller crown.
  • Removing crossed or splitting branches before they stress the tree can prevent a falling hazard.
  • Trees that have sustained minor or even moderate damage can often be saved through proper pruning and trimming practices, rather than opting for complete tree removal.
Orlando Tree Pro offers a wide variety of tree services including tree trimming and tree pruning, tree cutting, storm cleanup, and stump removal. Contact us today so we can help give your lawn a makeover!

Tree Removal Orlando

Tree removal is a dangerous job that you should not attempt on your own. Call Orlando Tree Pro today. Our team of certified tree service experts will ensure the problem tree is removed completely and safely without affecting the surrounding property. We are pleased to offer prompt and professional tree trimming and tree removal services in Orlando, that is affordable and reliable. Before you decide to remove a tree, you need to ask yourself the following questions:
  • Does the tree pose a falling risk to people or structures?
  • Has the tree been losing large branches?
  • Does the tree have a menacing lean?
  • Will the removal of the tree enhance the growth of other trees?
  • Does the tree have historic or sentimental value?
Many homeowners believe that removing the trunk and upper portions of a problematic tree is a more cost-effective solution than complete tree removal. However, the stump left behind can still cause problems on your property:
  • Dead tree stumps are an eyesore that can affect the value and curb appeal of your property. They also take up visual and physical space in your yard, making the space seem smaller and less appealing.
  • Insects and other pests love dead tree stumps as they make the perfect breeding grounds.
  • A tree stump can pose a tripping hazard. It is also a dangerous obstacle to maneuver when mowing or caring for your lawn.
Whether you need complete tree removal or tree stump removal in Orlando, call Orlando Tree Pro today!

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